Cardiology Information System

Generate Cardiology Procedure reports instantly !!

Heart Care Plus software is tailor-made to carry out the reporting of cath procedures.  HCP is Cardiovascular Information System (CVIS), the focus is on generating reports quickly and efficiently and not to collect huge amount of data.

Heart Care Plus, a software suite that captures complete life cycle of a patient in a Cardiac unit, right from consultation, admission to discharge and follow-up. It allows integration of information from devices and different applications in hospital, allowing the seamless flow of clinical data and medical images in the Cardiac unit!

 Most of the data can be entered using the point-and-click method, thereby reducing the data entry efforts and errors. Cross validation is performed at each step to eliminate human errors and partial save allows facility of completing patient reports in multiple sessions.

The system generates MIS reports meant for management and has advanced features for cardiologists to perform long-term clinical research.

Heart Care Plus - CVIS

  • Track all Cardiac and Peripheral Procedure data
  • Reduce your time to generate Patient Reports
  • Generates Automated ‘Coronary Tree Diagrams’
  • Generates Automated Trip Ticket with Equipment summary
  • Supports ACC NCDR(R) PCI Registry data submission
  • Do Research and Follow-up of patients for post-procedure result oriented studies
  • Seamless integration with PACS for accessing Patient studies like Angio, ECHO, ECG et al
  • Prepare Research papers and Statistical Data Analysis in practically no time for presentation in PTCA Data Registry and International Forums
  • Provides Appropriateness Use criteria
  • Conduct Multi-centric Trials and Studies, consolidate data from multiple centers for publication
  • Connect to remote databases or Hospital Information Systems

What you get:

  1. Instant Cardiology process reporting with automatic coronary diagram generation.
  2. Cardiologist can digitally validate from anywhere.
  3. Standardized SAAS based report format for institution.
  4. Easiest data mining search tool
  5. MIS report for management
  6. Single click regulatory report generation