Medical Simulation Lab

Medical Simulation is the modern day methodology for training healthcare professionals through the use of advanced educational technology. Simply put, medical simulation is the experiential learning every healthcare professional will need, but cannot always engage in during real-life patient care.

What is Medical Simulation? What are the goals of the Simulation Center and Surgical Simulation Lab?

Medical simulation is the creation of real-world ‘hospital like’ situations. Where the healthcare providers can learn, practice, and assess their medical skills in a safe environment. Simulation can provide this learning opportunity. Trainers and trainees use whole body manikins, devices called task trainers, actors who portray patients, or even simulated medical scenarios using virtual reality.

The primary goal of the Simulation Center is to improve quality and patient safety. We are trying to help reduce medical errors, build team communication, and improve skills around crisis resource management. The simulation center is very involved in mock code training around the world of medicine. It immensely help the hospital, and in training physicians, nurses, surgeons, and other practitioners across every medical and surgical specialty.

Turnkey Skill Lab solution

Full range of Task Trainer Manikis 

High-fidelity Manikins  

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ALS, BLS & PLSC course materials ( AHA approved )

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Cutting-edge Technology for Research and Teaching

The main goal of the Simulation Center is to improve safety within patient care. Current and future health care professionals “practice on plastic” honing their skills, refining advanced techniques and learning valuable social interactive tools for delivering important news to patients. This translational research becomes vital for creating the gold-standard in patient safety and medical teaching.