Healthcare IT today:

Since last decade, IT has become the principal driving force of modern healthcare. The use of health information technology (HIT) has been promoted as having tremendous promise in improving the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, quality and safety. Moreover, in the ambulatory healthcare environment, the use of HIT offers a variety of benefits. More and more, health care providers are using health IT to improve patient care. But health IT isn’t just for health care providers. One can use health IT to better communicate with his doctor. Hospitals can even share important information effectively with patient party. And, take actions that will improve one’s quality of life. Health IT lets you be a key part of the team that keeps everybody informed & healthy.

What we do:

In Tech Med Solution, we are Maximizing the benefits of health care information systems. HIT improves cost control, increase the timeliness and accuracy of patient care and administration information. Moreover, our flagship HIT solution  increase service capacity, reduce personnel costs and inventory levels, and improve the quality of patient care. Landmark IT solutions from us provides the most holistic IT solution for a modern age hospital at different capacity. Our HIMS solution is running multi specialty hospitals of more than even 1000 beds. Our Vendor Neutral Archival system is managing radiology image workflow in most efficient way. The Tele-radiology solution is managing thousands of remote diagnostic facilities in stipulated timeline.


Tech Med Solution is based in Kolkata and providing IT solutions in the entire Eastern region of the country in Healthcare domain. We are partnered with different technology leaders. TMS mediates as a Pre sales consultant & Post sales service providers. Since inception, we are regarded by our clients as a cutting edge Healthcare IT solution provider.


  • Latest Technology platform from Industry leaders.
  • Multiple IT solutions under single roof.
  • More than 20 years of industry experience
  • Strong service backup locally.
  • Unique SAAS based product and commercial options.

To be the most sought after technology solution provider in healthcare domain.

To collaborate with the premiere technology partners to address the healthcare challenges faced by our clients, in a cost effective, yet innovative way.