Medical Record Management

EMR ( Electronic Medical Record ) is one of the most important aspect for today’s healthcare providers. EMR is just a small word, but it comprises of several and diverse components.

What is the challenge

Clinicians are overburdened with several prerequisites, And, most of the time its a challange for them to entry patient demographics, vitals , tests, diagnosis and medications. Even they are reluctant to use any electronic devices for this. So, the management has no clue on what is happening at the doctor’s chamber , in terms of their business opportunity is concerned. It is even complicated to preserve the hand written prescriptions as a EMR.

How we address this

mTatva is a healthcare IT company addressing post prescription & post discharge challenges integrated with EMR module. HealthPIE solution is a tool for hospitals & clinics to stay in touch with their patients after they leave the premises. We help build trust and in brand reinforcement, Patient engagement becomes highly effective since HealthPIE is tightly integrated with the patient’s treat-ment. Show your customers that you care by going beyond and bring the WOW factor with our value added services

With HealthPIE you virtually stay with your pa-tients throughout their treatment. Showing your patients that you care builds trust and your brand. Stay with your patients and the patients will stay with you!

HealthPIE intelli-gent SMS’s re-mind the patient to revisit your hospital for follow-ups and investi-gations advised by you. Continuous com-munication increases OPD to IPD conver-sions. HealthPIE engages with camp vis-its to increase patient footfall

HealthPIE digitiz-es all your pre-scriptions, open-ing up endless possibilities. Pull data on patients’ diagnosis, medi-cation, investigation, follow-up, referral etc. and correlate to make smarter deci-sions for your business and operations.

Digitising your hand written prescription & discharge summary.

Sending medication, vaccination or any appointment reminders regularly 

Providing MIS reports to management for better business insights 

OPD to IPD conversion thru patient engagements 

Benefits for Hospital Management

Informing New service introduction to patients ( Ideal for new hospital to remain connected )
OPD patient follow up to IPD conversion ( OPD to IPD conversion )
MIS data on Test pilferage (Yardstick for diagnostic pilferage)
NABH Audit & Compliance check
Facility information

Benefits for patients

Rx digitization ( Conversion of ‘hand written’ prescription to Understandable digital form )
Medication Reminders ( Patient will get mobile alert for medication reminder at the correct time )
Visit reminders ( Reminders for Doctor or diagnostic appointment in the hospital )
Immunization reminders ( Essential for pediatric and Geriatric population )